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buy Latuda online us The History of American Roulette

american rouletteSince the mid-18th century, roulette has been a favourite game for gamblers all over the world. It is widely accepted that the game, as it is played today, was developed in France. As the game made its way to the shores of America, rule changes have been instituted throughout the years.

In the American version of roulette, there have been two primary changes to the wheel in comparison to the French version. The biggest change was the addition of a second “green” space. The American version now has both a green zero and green double zero. That brings the total spaces on the wheel to 38, which increases the house’s advantage. This change took place sometime in the 19th century. The other change involved the placement of the numbers. The American wheel placed paired numbers opposite each other while number placement on other versions is random.

Understanding the Odds

american roulette oddsAs a result of the changes describe above, the overall house advantage was increased from 2.7% (French and European version) to 5.26%. Over time, that is a huge advantage for players to gamble into. Essentially, the pay-outs on all wager types remained the same for all versions. There are 22 different types of wagers available on the table. Using online games, here is a listing of true odds (1st number) and pay-outs (2nd number) for some of the most common wagers.

  • Straight – placing a bet on a single number (36-1:35-1)
  • Split – two adjoining numbers together (35-2:17-1)
  • Street – horizontal row of three numbers (34-3:11-1)
  • Corner – four adjacent corners cover four number (33-4:8-1)
  • Six Line – two adjacent horizontal rows (31-6:5-1)
  • Columns – Vertical columns of number (25-12:2-1)
  • Groupings – number 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 – (25-12:2-1)
  • Red or Black (19-18:1-1)
  • Odd or Even (19-18:1-1)
  • Numbers 1-16 or 19-36 (19-18:1-1)

Over the years, many mathematicians have tried to develop systems to beat the game. The reality is that over time, the house’s advantage will always hold due to the random nature of each individual spin.

Online Betting Tips

american roulette betsAssuming an unbiased, balanced wheel, there are no consistent ways to beat the game of roulette. However, the game is a highly enjoyable, social game. Here are a few tips designed to help players.

  • Only wager with reputable online casinos with certified random number generators
  • Never wager more than a player can afford to lose
  • Try the Martingale betting strategy – after each loss, double up the next bet. Continue doing this until the wager hits. Beware of long losing streaks.
  • Try the James Bond betting Strategy – Allocate a static amount for each spin. Bet 70% on the high numbers (19-36), 25% on the six bet (13-18) and a 5% split bet on 0:00. The bet loses only on number 1-12.
  • Have fun. Don’t take the game too seriously